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Zaphara's Middle Eastern Photo Gallery
2008 Archive

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Mediterranean Fantasy
Festival 2007

Spiro's Greek Island
 Kent, WA 

At The Triple Door in Seattle:
Zaphara, Saqra, Brothers of the Baladi and Zaphara's Dancers

New Year's Eve 2007

Folklife Festival 07

Folklife Festival 07

Owner of Yannis Greek Restaurant with bevy of Zaphara's Dancers.

Backstage with Oleg and Elena at The Swiss, Tacoma, Wa. 

Beth, Red Elvis band member, finds a secluded spot to practice, during the bands rest break.


Zaphara and the Red Elvises at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle
Video: The Wild Buffalo, Bellingham
(2.6 MB, 46 seconds)

A first for Seattle!  A traditional Lebanese "Zaffeh" (wedding march), held at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church., is the grand entrance of the Bride and Groom, that includes dancers and musicians.

See details and pics in the autumn/winter 07, issue of "Seattle Bride" magazine.

Zaphara, members of Karavan's troupe, Omar Batiste, and members of the MB Orchestra, all part of the Zeffah.

Railway Club, Vancouver BC. A sold out  performance for the Elvises, the audience couldn't get enough!  What a night! Hot! Sultry! Electric! (and great local brews!)  

Zaphara with her trusty steed.
Photo by www.chaptersphoto.com


Oh my goodness! Having a little conversation during the show?

Zaphara's Dancers

Corporate summer concert, with guest performer Mish Mish

Oasis Market, October, 2007
Photo by Gordon Umino

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